Our Centre is situated on the outskirts of the little town of Sulęcin 40 kms from the border crossing in Świecko, 40 kms from Gorzów Wlkp. and 150 kms from Poznań among beautiful greenery far away from the hustle and bustle of city life and is surrounded by water and forest. We have more than 100 accommodation places in the summer season and more than 70 places in the winter season at our disposal. We provide a wide range of services, among others:

· TAWERNA Restaurant with an extensive and varied menu

·Multimedia conference room

·Pub (Drink Bar)
, Grill bar

·Indoor swimming pool, sauna and jacuzzi

·Hairdressing salon, beauty parlour

·Solarium, massage therapist’s office

·Computer games arcade, billiard tables, air hockey tables, soccer tables, darts, and others

·3 fisheries for anglers (specialised, trout, mixed)

·Fishing tackle rental

·Playground for children, ping-pong table, basketball court, beach volleyball court

·Bathing beach with a pier and deckchairs

·Permanent grills, a place for bonfire

·Scooter, mountain bikes, kayaks, pedal boats rental

·Campsite fitted with all utilities

·Special places for big and small outdoor events up to 2,000 participants

·A car park and a monitored facility


We kindly invite you to try our offer!!!


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